About Us

African art usually refers to the works of sub-Saharan Africa, whose developed cultures are quite distinct from those of North Africa. Within this huge geographic area there are regions of radically different, climate, and natural resources. The economies of these regions, therefore, also differ from one another, as do the customs, religions, languages, and artistic expressions of their peoples.

Kilele derived from Swahili means peak.


KileleAuthentics is a team from different companies that have been dealing with African Arts since early 90s. They include Imara Designers and Usanii Africa. The above companies have been participating in cultural exhibitions showcasing African arts in the following destinations USA, Japan, Germany, China, South Korea, Turkey, Hungary, Spain, Portugal, Re-union, Egypt, South Africa, & Namibia. Through Experience, Kilele Authentics was established in 2009.


Kilele Authentics whose origin is Kenya currently runs a workshop in Nairobi where our items are hand crafted. The wide range of products are perfectly designed of natural and environmental friendly raw materials that include wood, bone, horn, banana fiber, sisal etc.


Our main aim is to showcase our handcrafts worldwide through exhibitions and online marketing.

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